406 AD – 12th of Fellnight – TowerdayEdit

Wild Thorn Forest GSOP

This story begins with Gratos the Arcane. He awakes mysteriously within the confines of a rotten log. Breaking free from the decayed timber he immediately begins searching the forest. In his venture he came across an Ogre by the name of Garthug, a towering goliath who would explain that he is actually a scholar in search of a mythological artifact known as the Comet of Petrichor. Gratos asked for Garthug aid him in gaining his bearings. The two of them eventually found their way into the twisting tunnels of Earl-Oak Caverns where they come across a cave spider. In the ensuing battle Garthug is bitten by a cave spider.

Gratos and Garthug fought it off but Garthug’s life was seeping away. Gratos discovered a wooden chest and inside were two vials—one small and filled with a strange pulsing red potion and the other filled with a dark purple liquid. In hopes of saving his newfound friend Gratos gave Garthug the dark purple liquid, which turned out to be Nightshade poison.

Garthug crumpled and became a corpse. But Gratos called to the Ancients and Garthug came back a spirit, forever bound to Gratos’ soul. The two of them discovered a ladder that led them out of the caverns and back to a grassy cliff overlooking a wide pasture. As they stood there a single Astral Scout Pod arrived with two Astral soldiers who jumped from their flying machination and stormed towards Gratos who jumped from the cliff and into a deep pool of water. When Gratos climbed out of the water neither the soldiers nor the Scout Pod was anywhere to be seen.

406 AD – 13th of Fellnight – ThunderdayEdit

Goblintooth OFAG

Gratos eventually arrived in the city of Goblintooth where he met Godfrey the Hairy—a beared pixie with yellow wings, Dera of Blodfen—a seductive half-elf Ranger, and Mimdrs the Zealous—an uncouth dwarf barbarian. In search of adventure hey visited with the City Elder, a human by the name of Monsignor Seris, after being directed by a street merchant when asking about local happenings. Seris informed them that a local farmer named Otto had not come into town to sell produce and resupply in quite a while and so asked the travelers to travel to his homestead and make sure that he was doing fine. The adventurers travel south to Otto’s farm where they discover his barn razed to the ground and see remnants from a hard fought struggle—three goblin corpses and Otto lying face down in crusted blood his shoddy sword still gripped in his hand.

The group returns to Goblintooth to deliver the grim news. Mimdrs is visibly shaken, his dwarven blood aching for revenge. However Gratos disagrees that violence is the answer and instead wishes to reason with the goblins and ask them their intentions—pointing out that there were three goblin corpses and perhaps it was Otto who struck first and it was simply self defense. Mimdrs vehemently denies this saying that Goblins are simply evil and stupid creatures—cattle with weapons and a temper. Embittered words soon turn to anger and soon the group was split on how to proceed. A quarrel followed which led to a skirmish in the city’s courtyard between themselves as well as two of the inhabitants of the city—Gorgurel the Smith and Orry Vantum—Leutenient Captain of the Goblintooth Division of the Sterling Armed Forces.

Mimdrs and Orry fighting on one side—believing that the goblins needed to be put down like dogs—against Dera, Gratos,Godfrey and Gorgurel on the other—who thought that diplomacy should at least be attempted. After many acid attacks, clashing of steel and missed bow shots Seris arrived and broke up the fray and made everyone settle their differences and reminded the adventurers of the importance of discovering the truth of Otto’s death.

After tempers had been cooled the three warriors headed south together into the forest near Otto’s charred farmhouse. It is not long before they discover the source of the goblins—a village named Gawksnif. Initially Gratos, Godfrey, and Dera attempt diplomacy however it fails when the goblins become visibly upset and violent towards the group and so Mimdrs happily strikes and kills many goblins as they rush towards each one of them. Early on it seems that the heroes are winning however soon they begin to be overpowered and the adventurers and are only rescued when they call out for help and Gorgurel who was nearby cutting timber comes to their aid.

406 AD – 16th of Fellnight – SaintsdayEdit

Codwell Fortress DADAS

Dera and Godfrey both purchase tavern whores from their owner (Samantha and Christina) at the local tavern and afterwards realize that their money supply has been squandered rather quickly. a prospector nearby hears this and offers the adventurers to solve this problem—saying he will pay them for anything interesting that they find in a nearby fort that had been abandoned ages ago —known colloquially as Codwell’s Fortress.

They blaze a trail there and enter, immediately dredging their way through the old ruined castle’s corridors. The adventurers find everything from many fancy dishes that Mimdrs steals to a piece of paper with a bloody pawprint stamped on it, to old maps, to a mangy dog that Dera tames and adopts (Fenrir). Also while there they find a strange and ancient mirror that shows the viewer their own death.

During their time spent here they discover a door that requires four keys. So, in search of the keys they come across and must battle long hidden foes of the castle; an Imprisoned Demon named Marax, a Giant Bat, a Vengeful four-armed Obsidian Statue—from which they receive one obsidian weapon each—and finally they are put up against a Mother Sphinx protecting her newly born cubs. Godfrey is able to tame the cubs while the other party members are distracting the Mother and so gains a litter of Sphinxes by his side—later losing two; one to Dera of Blodfen and one to Lilith the Noble. Eventually the Mother Sphinx is defeated and the adventurers discover the final key. They open the door and shimmied down a rope into a large underground dungeon. The dungeon is constructed of ruined brick and has lying in its center a very large and very powerful Cinderdragon with ashy black scales and coal red eyes whom Mimdrs names Burninator the Protector. Using their newly found obsidian weapons Burninator is defeated and the adventurers share in the loot of many chests lying at the feet of the defeated dragon before returning home and selling off their loot—mainly fancy plates and other dishes.

406 AD – 28th of Fellnight – FiredayEdit

The Arcane Council SAG
Storm at Goblintooth
Storm at Goblintooth II

Then came a great storm in Goblintooth. The sky was filled with Twisting clouds of crimson flash and rumble with veins of silver and violet. Thunder and lightning exploded overhead awakening the adventurers who were slumbering in the beds rented for the night in the tavern. A loud crackling was heard and flames began to eat away at the thatch roof above their head. A patch of the thatch roof fell through—bits of charred black straw lay on the oak floor. A bolt of lightning struck the floor and a wreath of flame flickered softly around a livid Lightning Crab with its brilliant blue shell crackling with electricity as well as a few disembodied clouds of shifting energy. The floor boards were twisted and charred at the spot where the lightning bolt appeared. Tendrils of electricity arced across the room—creating a hum in the air and a bright blue light flickers on the walls and stones of the hearth.

The group quickly did away with the threats and ran downstairs. The tavern was deserted and out the window raged a massive fire spreading from building to building as an immensely powerful wind toppled buildings. After being unable to open the tavern doors due to the heavy winds. They began searching the building—Dera heard soft cries coming from within the cupboard beneath the stairs where they discovered a girl of no more than sixteen her clothes tattered and her eyes are pale amber. When Gratos attempts to speak with her she thanks them before going still and speaking cryptically

“They have come” “They have no eyes” “The grave has called them to us” “I am Ecarna the Child”  

She regained her composure and tells the adventurers to “go to the Jormur Forest and visit Orcun at the Highstone Citadel in Splinterfang and you will see, then return to me with the Orcun’s amulet.” When they ask her to guide them she simply says “No.” telling them she feels safe where she is.  

As the group leaves Mimdrs discovers a strange document under his boot that was later translated;  

"A darkness has fallen on these lands. We have come to reclaim the lamp of the sky. We have come for the soul of our being We have come for the ghost of Petrichor. May his shadowed flames not be released or death will dine well."  

The group is finally able to open the tavern door and head into the storm. The wind is violent and as they sprint away from the blazing city an explosion of blue light strikes nearby and the ground around them began to crumble—sand and gravel sliding into the opening maw of the earth. Blackness enveloped them as the chasm’s dark walls slid downwards. A few minutes later they awoke in a heap of sand and debris. They had fallen into a large underground chamber of ruined grey stone. Moss and black mud grow and seeping through the mortar. Knowing that their only chance of getting out of the dungeon they headed within its depths.

The first room they came into smelled of gore. The stone floor was slick with dark blood that glided and rolled over the cobblestones. In the middle with his back turned to the adventurers squatted a hulking green skinned orc.

Godfrey took a step forward and a pebble skittered across the floor. The orc turned around, his fanged maw and lips smeared with blood. The tail of a half eaten dire rat tangled through his fingers. His yellow eyes stared at him—hollow and hungry. Placing the rat carcass down, he picked up a large wooden shield and a long curving sword with swirling silver inlay. Together, though long fought and after Gratos was injured they prevailed with Godfrey delivering the final blow from his toughened iron gauntlets to the side of the orc’s skull, killing him.

The next area they came across was a large vaulted chamber. It opened before them, torchlight bathing the space with a bloody red light. A single statue holding twin blades stood between them and an ascending stone stairway ahead. The statue began to move—the texture of his skin writhing beneath shadowed plates of round armor. The swords began to shimmer, a humming buzz slicing the air repeatedly. The being stood seven feet tall—a blue aura of light emanating about him. The Astral Warrior swung at Gratos but missed. A chaotic battle of blades and magic commenced and only ended when Gratos summoned his Spirit Wolf and the ethereal creature cracked the warriors thick carapace, violet pus spreading from the puncture.

Up the stairs is a small, claustrophobic room. Dry heat fills the room and quick spurts of static crackle on the walls. A lightning crab scurries out of the dark corner and raises its yellow eye stalks and releases a booming squawk from its mandibles. Lightning drips from his pincers and pulses on the floors and walls. The crab was followed by two spiny collections of crystalline shards and floating plasma hovering midair before the adventurers, waves of brusque heat slide over them.

It isn’t long before these foes are dispatched and they enter a large, dark square room with a high ceiling containing piles of gold surrounding two treasure chests. The chests are being guarded by two Lightning Crabs. A tall statue before you begins to quiver, blue light worms across the dark stone floor. The adventurers—their weapons sharp with combat—leave the bloodied corpses of the crabs behind and attempt to gather the gold but it triggers the treasure to turn to ash. The adventurers exit through a darkened archway and enter a large atrium with pillars on either side, and two sets of steps each leading to raised platforms. A light purple light blooms at the top-most level.

Two Astral Beings slide to life from behind the pillars. A dark angry energy and strange rapid squelches and screeches echo in he foyer stemming from orifices unknown. The warriors slice into Mimdrs meaty forearm who retaliates with a punch to their head. Godfrey swoops down turns invisible and carries Mimdrs up to safety—through this Mimdrs also turns invisible. Lilith fired a volley of stones and Gratos casts a spurt of acid at the two before they both crumple to the earth.

Without warning, A beastly Minotaur lumbers from within a hidden room. He stands before the group and roars—strings of spittle projecting from his tongue and teeth. In each hand he held a double flail his large yellow horns curving to unlock their death. Gratos lifted his Obsidian Lightning Staff and casted a large blast at the beast. He careened backwards and swung his spiked flails across the ground—wide grooves being left in their wake. Lilith and Godfrey took the opportunity while the Minotaur was still reeling to fire a volley of arrows and punch one of his kneecaps.

Mimdrs grabbed one of Godfrey’s javelins and leapt away from his invisible perch and drove the blade deep into the Creature’s skull the point protruding out through the roof of its mouth. The corpse of the minotaur lay bleeding as a large circle of swirling runes began to glow a deep violet. The room filled with a blinding light and suddenly darkness filled the void—

The webs of shadows are wiped away. The sky swayed high above, clouds drifting high over a yellow stream beside them (Anatina River). Everyone stood atop a wide flat altar, before them stood a Foxxyn with big carmine eyes, a decorative green tunic, a staff of berries and leaves, and golden rings in his large tabby ears. He introduced himself as Orcun the Arcane Elder. Orcun, noticing their exhaustion and wounds, guided them to Highstone Inn and Tavern where they stayed the night.

407 AD – 19th of Frostcrawl – SwordsdayEdit

The Arcane Council OC

When they awoke they discovered an ancient illness known as Fricundus had spread once more and Dera is afflicted. Xavier the Dashing, a local rogue, joins the adventurers just as Orcun requests their aid. Mimdrs who decides he would rather take a day of R&R and Godfrey who decides he’d rather gorge himself on food and a bit of sketchy sex decline. Orcun gives them a map to guide them to the home of Lance – Arcane of the Frost-star, full-time gardener and cowardly warrior. Lance has cultivated a patch of Frost-lilies, rare flowers which grow only in the tundra of the Jormur forest. This is the moment when Nexus and his giant pet Lightning Crab Andromedes arrive, blasting their way into Splinterfang. A fight breaks out, Orcun battling Nexus while Xavier, Lilith, and Gratos take on Andromedes.

Andromedes is defeated and Nexus grows angry grabbing Orcun’s amulet and running towards Highstone Citadel, Orcun launched himself after Nexus but was instead captured and taken inside, the door locked just as Xavier, Gratos, and Lilith reached it.

Embry, a local Apprentice fire mage tells them of a second door, one that can be unlocked with four arcane amulets and the blood of a single arcane. The three of them ventured out of the city—coming across a pair of large trolls, Grok and Trok, who were busy making puddles out of Fricundus stricken goblins. The five adventurers made there way to Lance’s Frostiary where they collected his frost lilies as well as his assistance, after taking down an Arctic Sphinx much to Lilith’ dismay they traveled back to Splinterfang where they squared away a few details then continued—having Lance create an ice bridge across the Anatina River and from there they traveled to Hithrum’s haven where they came upon Hithrum – Arcane of the stone-heart just as he was crafting a golem. He accused you of being Pyrestone spies sent by Dareth – Arcane of the Pyrestone however quickly realized he was mistaken just as sensors in the valley began picking up activity. Pyrestone golems came through and were defeated promptly and so after Trok swallowed one of the Emberstones Hithrum offered the party a golem of his own design giving you a choice between two. Garthug discovered he could manipulate the golems and use them as bodies and so Garthug became a spirit bound golem. The adventurers stayed at Hithrum’s haven overnight with Xavier, Lilith and Gratos spending the night in a spare room in Hithrum’s basement workshop and Grok and Trok spending the night in a shed on the grounds amid a pile of warm cloth and a small fire.

407 AD – 21st of Frostcrawl – MoondayEdit

The Arcane Council DOD

Xavier, Lilith, and Gratos, awaken in Hithrum’s Haven in the large spare room adjoined to his Basement Workshop. Clanking and mechanical churning can be heard coming from the workshop. Xavier, Lilith and Gratos all step into the workshop—it is packed with equipment; metallic tanks, rows of generators, and steaming pipes. In the center of the room on a slab of concrete and surrounded by an orchestra of tools and hovering geometrical shapes stood a hulking figure of stone and ebony, blue veins of energy pulsing across its body.

Meanwhile, Grok and Trok awaken in a shed in a warm pile of blankets and hay to the smell of meat cooking nearby. The two trolls poke their heads out the shed and see Lance, his helmet down by his feet and Hithrum turning goats on spits over an open flame. Lance is talking with Hithrum.

“What can we do?”

Lance says, his eyes staring longingly at the meat glazed in a glorious sheen of delicious juices. “I’m running out of ideas. I can only create so many golems. Dareth and his Titans are ruining my home. I was lucky that you and troupe showed up when you did or I would’ve surely been overrun” Hithrum says frustrated.

“What does he want?” Lance asks “He wants my research. He wants my workshop. And above all else he wants her back. Grok and Trok look at each other—wondering who this mystery girl might be. Back in the Basement Workshop the rest of the group continues to stare at the golem—the shapes beginning to shift and change—growing more and more complex. They are so entranced they don’t even notice when a figure steps closer.

“Oh! Hey everyone it’s good to see that everyone is awake and ready. The name’s Yuki…I’m Hithrum’s Apprentice. You are?” the girl is tall, voluptuous, with white hair and piercing silver eyes, her jumpsuit Is a gunmetal grey and brown leather affair. In her hand is an oversized wrench. Xavier, Gratos, and Lilith take turns introducing themselves.

“It’s good to meet you all. Thanks for helping us repel those golems. Dareth’s constant onslaught is really starting to grind Hithrum’s gears. How rude of me this is Kori, my personal project. Say Hello Kori” Yuki replied.

“Hello.” Said the large moving rock man in his deep gravelly voice. “Kori is an enhanced golem. I made him with a basic granite base and have been adding my own modifications as well as some ebony armor. I was having a look at your golem Gratos. Never seen a spirit bound golem before! Pretty impressive! Hithrum did a pretty good job sculpting him. If you ever want me to enhance him for you I wouldn’t mind…for a nominal fee of course. I could also rearrange his build a bit. Make his armor or weapons work however you like. For everyone else I am pretty skilled at crafting. Namely golems but also weapons and armor, make them better or simply more aesthetically pleasing given the raw materials.” Gratos declined the offer but Xavier decided to have Yuki attach an Emberstone to his Kukri—Yuki promised that the next time she saw Xavier that it would be finished.

“Well if you we have nothing left to attend to lets get topside…Kori go get Garthug and get on the lift…see you up there” Yuki says as she grabs a Niveus orb from the worktable and places it into Kori’s back. His eyes glow and he begins walking off. The group heads up the stairs.

They stepped from within Hithrum’s cabin and see everyone gathering Lance has replaced his helmet and now looks stoic and not at all like the coward that he is. Hithrum steps forward. Hithrum: “Welcome everyone” Lance: “This council is here to decide what we must do.” Yuki: “Do with what?” Hithrum: “Dareth! I believe it is time we put an end to his tyranny! For the good of the land—and for fiscal reasons his golems are costing me a small fortune.” Yuki: “Do we have a plan?” Lance: “Our plan right now is to sneak into his encampment take out his defenses…and then take out him.” Yuki: “Sounds good to me…I’ll go get ready…I hope he takes good notes.” Hithrum: “I never said you were going!” Yuki “You don’t get a say in the matter. It’s me he wants well I’m coming. Besides I’ve been dying to use my new armor. I mean check it out.” Hithrum: “Fine you can go…I suppose you can use what you know about his crafting against him.” Yuki: “This’ll be fun. Who’s with me?” Kori: “I will protect you…” Garthug: “As will I…I finally have the means in which to better this world and will gladly add my armaments in these matters. That is…as long as Gratos comes along I can’t go very far without him…what do you say?” Gratos: “Of course I will join you.” Lance: “I suppose I see no way in which I…can’t come” Hithrum: “What of the rest of you? Will you join us?” The rest of the group agreed in tandem that they would follow suit. Hithrum: “It is settled…Finish up your business here and let us be on our way… Feel free to help yourselves to my ration’s stores…see you when you are ready.” The group grabbed the rations and donned their armor.

The group hiked through the treacherous mountain pass to the cliff lair of Dareth Whitehollow. Yuki pulls a scrap of parchment from her pocket and smoothed it out on a rock before her. “This is Dareth’s lair….I drew it from memory. The Ts are Pyrestone Golems and Dareth’s main defenses. At each corner of his outer wall is a locked door. Behind which are some maintenance shafts which lead to directly above the Golems. I believe that if Xavier breaks into the locks then I can tamper with the Pyrestone’s energy flows and convert them. I can then remove their cores. If I convert the four golem’s energy I may be able to make Dareth’s entire web of defenses go down. So Xavier will you aid me in this task?” Xavier readily agreed and so Yuki continued “The rest of you do what you can however be aware that this place is crawling with Dareth’s lackeys.” The group minus Yuki and Xavier decided to loiter and await safety in the halls.

Xavier picked the two locks and Yuki went to work using her magic and conducting the Pyrestone golem’s energies by muttering “lahay vat regav’e lahay vat bamen vahh yah yah kert saveny” then once she had turned them she called them to her will “any laveqh at havpesh shilk. Any laveqh at revek ath emet.” After now clearing one side of the passage everyone continued forward until they were attacked by two Emberstone golems. The adventurers used cunning tactic of throwing items at the Emberstones and dislodging them, thus removing their power supply—deactivating them. When both were defeated, Lilith looted the bodies and gathered the Emberstones however Gratos lashed out and tried to steal one of them from her. However Lilith simply shoved the old man to the ground but he was persistent and tried again and so they began to fight with Lilith calling Cody to her side. Cody bit Gratos’ wrist who screamed out in pain. Hithrum told them all to stop their foolishness.

Eventually everyone was settled and so Xavier snuck into Dareth’s library along the bookshelves. Dareth stood in his library calmly turning the pages of a tome. Glowing eyes, Scraggly hair and face of broken plates of bone. Just as Xavier is about to attack Yuki rushes into the Library. Dareth looks up…and his eyes meet Yuki’s. Yuki clutches at her head…the memories fresh and splintering her mind.   Dareth is an abomination…a sickening mixture of bone and blood with stone and steel. He has long sought after Yuki’s expertise to make him better and stronger. Going so far as to break in to Hithrum’s Cabin and capturing Yuki and taking her back to his own encampment. He ordered Yuki to use her golemancy to craft a superior form for himself.

When Yuki refused he locked her in his dungeon. Placing her hands in manacles then shredding the back of her tunic and cutting alchemical symbols and magical runes into her skin, in hopes of making her do what he wanted. But her will was strong and she held out.

Eventually Hithrum arrived and released her from her cell. They were found trying to flee by one of Dareth’s Pyrestone Titans.

The Titan flung a fist striking Hithrum in the face. The front of his skull broken, blood pouring out. Yuki, using an ancient oath, made the golem stop and follow her orders instead by altering its Pyrestone. She loaded Hithrum into the Titan’s arms and broke out from Dareth’s fortress and narrowly escaped before making it back to Hithrum’s cabin.

There Yuki worked all night and using what she learned from watching Dareth and his creative amendments to his own body reknitted a new face for Hithrum using bits of the Titan. And then created a helmet to aid the healing process.

Over time Hithrum became healthy once more, though the loss of much of his face and along with it his identify has left him shattered. Eventually though he did return to his craft; building fortifications and sensors in the valley as a means of preventing future events.

Yuki puts on a tough exterior but will never be the same, the scars being constant reminders of the weeks she spent trapped under the will of a psychopath she has poured her time and resources by focusing on improving her abilities by taking the remaining pieces of the Titan and experimenting as she constructs Kori.   Dareth speaks “Have you come to put an end to me. Gathered a ragtag militia of Arcane and Warriors….ah and a pair of Trolls….you all look like you would be fun to experiment with…make my golemancy stronger on the blood of Arcane. And the Troll skeletons will do kindly as structure for a revision of the Titan design. And as for you Yuki I think I have finally found a way to turn you. It was that oath you said…I heard it….and I know it will work on you, the scars I gave you should do just fine as a conduit— any laveqh at havpesh shilk. Any laveqh at revek ath emet.” Yuki begins to scream her eyes turn pale….as Dareth mutters under his breath Yuki claws at her head and face a scratch runs across her jaw and begins to bleed. She thrashes about falling to the floor. Her entire body goes slack. Then her eyes go pale and she looks up at the rest of her companions. She stands up and runs—her massive gauntlets swinging wildly as though she were drunk. Kori leaps and holds her still within his stone arms. Garthug heaves over to the two and casts a shield around Yuki. Her eyes demented and her gauntlets swinging she makes the shield resonate loudly within the chamber. Kori releases Yuki and steps out of the shield he places a palm on Garthug’s shoulder just as his shield is about to shatter. A stream of energy flows between the two golems as they keep Yuki’s madness under a glass.

Dareth creates a circle of flame about his face and makes a loud whistling sound…three Emberstone golems come running happy as dogs to their master’s side. A firebolt arcs across and strikes the floor next to each of you. The carpet catches fire and begins spreading to the walls of bookshelves.

Xavier used the distraction and still hidden struck Dareth in the back knocking him down. Trok followed it up and jumped on top of him. Dareth gathered strength and then exploded upwards from the floor sending Trok into a bookshelf. Gratos fired an acid attack but it missed due to his injured hand. Lilith fired a stone hoping to dislodge Dareth’s amulet, however, though the stone hit its intended target it did nothing as far as damage. Hithrum used his amulet and focused his energies—he broke the floor and crushed the pieces onto Dareth. Dareth grew furious and destroyed the rubble cocooning his body and fired a flame at Hithrum, but it missed. Lilith sent Cody who knocked Dareth to the ground—Lance took the opportunity and slashed at one of the Emberstone golems with his Frost-axe. Xavier lashed out at one of the Emberstone golems knocking its power source free from its socket.

Dareth was losing steam then Trok landed himself on top of Dareth once more and landed a few blows. Lance attacked the final Emberstone golem in half and cleaved him in half. Gratos fired a magic missile and struck Dareth in the chest. Dareth was now almost dead and was attempting to escape dragging himself across the floor when Hithrum held Dareth in a summon clamp of stone and Lance slashed into Dareth’s back making him squeal.

Dareth’s body disintegrated into embers and drifted away. The library continues to burn. Yuki now sane but weak rushes over to Dareth’s workshop and grabs the only bits of Dareth’s notes that have been untouched by the blaze stuffs them in her satchel and begins running away from the fire. The adventurers made their way back to Hithrum’s Haven.

Yuki: “Well this is where I leave you…I need to decipher what is left of Dareth’s work. I’ve taken the liberty of placing the surplus Niveus orbs in Garthug’s storage. Thank you for helping me brighten the shadows that loom upon this land…and within my heart. Take care…I know you can save Orcun…tell him I said hello and Xavier I hope to see you again soon.” With that she places two fingers to her lips, brushing them against Xavier’s cheek as she and Kori turn and head towards the cabin. The adventurers make their way towards Canos’ Village a small collection of cabins to the east. On their way they come across the small group of goblins; 3 Goblin Freelancers and 2 Goblin Pikeman. They each brandish their rusty weapon and leer at the adventurers when Xavier and Lilith both speak to the goblins asking them why they fight. The goblins respond by explaining their standing—how they are poor and hungry and only use violence due to their weakened state. The group not wishing to fight decide to give away half of their rations to the group of goblins. The goblins rejoice kissing their boots and praising them as gods and letting them know that their grand kindness would not soon be forgotten. And that word of their deed would be spread among the goblin tribes across the land. The group departed and arrived in Canos’ Village shortly afterwards.

“Lance!” a woman’s voice called out. “Hey hey….how’ve you been Slice-Knives” Lance embraces the woman as she neared. “So you finally left your Frostiary huh? Getting out of your shell I see, and meeting people….among other things. So who are your mates?” the woman asks “Just some friends” Lance responds “well that’s a sentence I never thought would come from your lips….and you say it so casually. Hi I’m Canos however I know one of you already. Isn’t that right Helmet-head” Canos says as she taps Hithrum on the dome.

However Hithrum is all business, “Hello Canos I know it has been awhile and I would love to chat but there is urgent business we must attend to. Orcun has been captured by Nexus…he’s being held in Highstone Citadel….you know what he wants.” Canos’ friendly demeanor melted away. “How can I help?” Hithrum: “Well we need you to come with us, we are going to open the second entrance into the Citadel in hopes of saving him…we’ll need your amulet to get inside…of course” Canos: “I am coming with you. I won’t take long….feel free to do what you want until I return” When she returns “I grabbed this figured it could help” she pulls a scroll of parchment from her pocket and hands it to Hithrum.

Loud screams echo from outside the village. Branches clack and crash as two Lanky creatures crawl from within the dark trees of the Jormur forest. Canos draws both of her swords. She turns back “Are you ready let’s go lop of some Hengeskulls!…Where’s Lance?” Lance his armor shimmering with ice he swings his Frost-Axe at one of the beasts and cuts one of its gangly arms free from its shoulder. Canos makes a loud whoop and runs at the creature leaping in the air and cutting an X into one of their heavily armored skulls with her two swords, the creature falls backwards. Lance shapes a mound of snow on the earth and Canos lands lithely into it. The group takes turns decimating the Henges. Then after some further delay continues North towards Elisium’s Marsh.

After a slight hiccup in the cannibalized goblin encampment of Dark Raid where two goblins who had yet heard of their greatness attempted to defeat the group failed miserably they arrived in Elisium’s Marsh. “Hello Travelers, I am Elisium – Arcane of the Ember-heart. How may I be of assistance to you?” Gratos attempted to engage his fellow arcane, asking him if he looked familiar however Elisium had no idea who Gratos which only further added to his chagrin. Eventually Hithrum explained the situation with which Elisium responded by saying “I have a Rift gate just over there. Unfortunately it is in disrepair. The local fauna keep taking the Emberstones, believing them to be their own eggs. However strange spirits have moved within the Emberstones. I have been reading scrolls and casting incantations. I even drank a concoction of egg yolks and uncooked pasta on a suggestion in hopes to fix the situation, I later found out I was simply being pranked so please do what you can to rectify the situation and I will help you along on your quest in a timely manner.”

The adventuring troupe entered the nearby forest where they were bull rushed by a dark creature, after dispatching the beast they found three Emberstones near an abandoned birds nest. Inside of each was a Disembodied Ember Remnant which they defeated and gathered the Emberstones left behind and returned to Elisium in order to power the Rift Gate.

“Ahh but of course, a concoction of brute force, blunt trauma and fisticuffs was what was needed to remove the ember ne’er-do-wells from the artifact’s vacancy. Why didn’t I think of that?” Elisium replaced the stones to their receptacles and stepped onto the Rift plate the runes began to glow and shimmer. A bubble begins to form in the center of the pillars. The bubbles surface reflects the night-sky then explodes outwards and an immensely bright light explodes inwards.

Everyone arrived on the Rift gate in Splinterfang—the runes still smoking high into the air. the streets are barren and the night is lit up by the two brilliant moons in the sky. Ahead past the winding street you can see the Highstone Citadel, its white stone shining in the light. Up top you see A cluster of figures on the high portico. All shops were open for one more hour and so Lilith and Xavier made pickups of their requested items at the blackshop; an Arctic Sphinx fur cape for Xavier and 3 Arctic Sphinx fingerclaws for Lilith.

Then they traveled further down the middle lane and as they got closer to the citadel a skirmish unfolded further—arrows hailing down from the portico above. Everyone looks up and the figures come into view. It is Dera of Blodfen and Samantha her Ranger Apprentice firing volleys of arrows into a massing pile of dark eyed Goblins rushing through the gaping hole in Splinterfang’s wall. Among the torrid fray is Mimdrs the Zealous cleaving a path through the onslaught. Godfrey blasting piles of the ghoulish foes back with blows from his gauntlets. Godfrey’s four Sphinxes savagely ripping goblins in twain. Dante and Fenrir the Mangy prowl together, slashing at the horde.

“Hey get up here! I’ll drop a ladder.” Dera calls out.

One by one everyone makes it up to the marbel portico—the enchanted door and a stone basin coming into view. Dera continued; “A kid ran up and gave me these instructions, said they could help you guys.” Gratos reads the slip of paper and heads over to the basin; makes an inscision on the top of his wrist lets the blood collect in the basin before healing his wound then projects his voice “Sanguinem et animam tenetur ut unum, Draco oculus.” A torrid mist of embers fly upwards and a white hot glow envelops the area. In the basin now lies a green and blu flecked amulet cut down the center with a wicked black Dragon pupil. Gratos grafts the Dragoneye Amulet to his chest and walks over to the enchanted door with his fellow Acane. Together they each place their amulets into the five slots on the door and release the magical bond. Everyone heads down a long flight of stairs until they enter a massive stone chamber underground at the center of which is a large crystalline orb—The Comet of Petrichor.

Nexus holds a limp Orcun by the scruff of his neck. Everyone steps forward hoping to catch Nexus off guard and incapacitate him but he simply drags a fingerclaw across his throat splashing blood to the floor and then Nexus dropped Orcun into the puddle. Nexus crouches and prepares for the coming battle, then he tosses back his hood revealing his grotesque and disfigured Astral face.

The battle commences with Garthug cracking Nexus in his ribs, followed by an explosive magic missile by Gratos. Nexus rears back his head and makes muffled screams of pain. Dera fires a volley of arrows but they slide around Nexus who laughs and shows them Orcun’s twinkling Firestar Amulet pressed into his palm and the yellow shimmer of a shield about his body.

Xavier slashes at the shield with his Dark rapier and though the rapier’s blade rebounds off the impact itself breaks the shield’s magic and so taking the opportunity Trok clubs Nexus across the room with a solid stroke of his halberd—Nexus flies so fast his body only stops when it makes contact with the stone walls. The foe crumples to the ground in a fog of dust and chipped rock. He stands up a single stream of purple fluid dripping from his broken eye. He roars once more and the yellow shimmer returns Lilith fires a fistful of stones at the shield which reverberate and strike Lance’s thick armor. Canos and Lance both attack at the same time with Lance’s Frostaxe removing the shield and Canos’ Twin blades carving into Nexus’ shoulder. Hithrum gathers a coccon of earth about him and then presses the shifting earth around him tighter squeezing him like a large boa constrictor. Gratos fires a bolt of Lightning into Trok’s halberd—now electrically charged he leaps into the air and caves Nexus’ skull in.

Nexus body is now limp lavender fluid pouring from his wounds the fluid pooling towards the large celestial gemstone in the center of the chamber. Around the base of the comet are four empty basins…perfectly round…..waiting to be activated. Garthug’s storage compartment begins to glow as he wanders towards the comet to experience what he has wanted all his life.

You come to agreement and decide to load the Niveus stones into the basins. A great humming sound quivers and thrums in the air. As each stone is placed in its cradle the surface of the comet rumbles and groans. Then it crackles and a great blinding light explodes in the chamber. From within the Comet of Petrichor rises a mighty blue dragon.

“Be Still! I am Cirok the Astral, Thank you, for releasing me from my prison.” Gratos smiled wide, it was good to hear the dragon tongue once more. Cirok spoke again “What are the names of those whom I may thank for this deed?” Garthug rose to his full golem height. “It is a great honor to meet you Cirok, I have been in search of you my entire life. You can never know the feeling it is to come into contact with you. I am blessed.” Cirok: “you honor me Gathug. “I am happy to hear this, and am glad you found me.”

Gratos explained what was happening and Cirok took notice of his native Draconic being spoken. “Gratos it is good to know that my language is not all forgotten in this land. I will bestow upon you a great gift.” Cirok sat up, he let out a long ebony talon and then took it and sliced into his left wing. He did not stop until it lay on the floor. His wound was grievous but even as they watched the blood began to stop and the flesh began to reknit itself together.

“Until my wing is fully healed I will take refuge nearby” A dark cloud twisted about Cirok as his deep thrumming voice echoed within the dungeon walls. And then Cirok was gone leaving behind only the scent of rain. Everyone returned to the Highstone Inn & Tavern to drink and calm their battle weariness and depression over losing a dear friend and mentor.   The great Fricundus plague began to fade as the antidote was given out to various nearby goblin encampments.   The entire city of Splinterfang came to the central square as the sun set. A large pire was erected and Orcun’s body was laid down on the timbers besides his Greater Staff. a brief prayer was said as Lance, Hithrum, Canos and Elisium began to weep. The Pyre was lit and Orcun was gone. The night passed into further darkness before everyone turned in for the night and slept

407 AD – 27th of Greysky – SwordsdayEdit

Splinterfang SSASS

Dera invites Godfrey, Gratos and Lilith along as she goes off and hunts. They decide to join her. On their way Gratos is showing continuing signs of mental decay which is seen when he sets up camp early in the morning before the rest of the group scolds him to undo what he has done. Godfrey spots a rising column of smoke on the horizon and so they decide to head towards it.

On the way they come across a pool with a ringed ditch of blood around it. Gratos immediately dove into the pool immediately. This action triggered a preset, low-level magical spell in which the water glowed a bright white and began to steam. The water quickly coalesced and formed a white sticky cocoon around Gratos in the center of what was once a pool. Lilith spotted a small tunnel dug into the side of the earth wall and so she climbed into the empty pool and crawled though the tunnel and came across a small black chest. Inside was some gold pieces, as well as a bottle of blue liquid and a burlap sack which held three glass tinctures of a white liquid, pink liquid, and violet liquid. Lilith in tandem with Godfrey worked to discover what the potions could do when mixed and so mixed them and dripped only a drop onto Gratos’ encasing, sparks slithered in every direction carving through the shell. Gratos began speaking strangely and swore to kill them all when he was released, fearing an attack Dera, Lilith and Godfrey talked about what they could do. Dera gathered a slim glass bottle filled with a dark black goo, saying it could help. She placed the bottle to Gratos’ lips and forced him to swallow the bitter dark sludge. Gratos’ eyes grew focused and he began asking questions that were both less violent and more pertinent to their predicament. They then poured the potion more liberally and soon had Gratos free from his imprisonment.

That debacle out of the way and Godfrey still anxious to discover the source of the smoke off in the distance, hurried everyone along. After venturing through the thicket they came into a clearing of flattened grass. A small fire glowed at the center surrounded by five sparkling stones of a deep periwinkle. Lilith and Gratos’ crouched down and split the beautiful stones between themselves—believing them to be priceless gemstones, Godfrey did nothing to stop them—a loud roar was heard overhead, and a few bushes ruffled nearby. Readying attacks they waited only to watch as three small blue humanoid creatures stepped from behind the leaves. They asked in Draconic “Who stole our Dazing Stones?” Gratos’ was the only one who understood, “It was them—they took your stones” he lied. They began to speak to the three of them “Why do you Spy, Eavesdrop, and Lie?” Gratos’ spoke back in draconic again “It was them—not me” the Dazing Pixies eyes glowed and their diminutive jaws filled with thorny teeth. The leader spoke directly to Godfrey “You who watches, we shall never see again. To be a watcher is a terrible thing” The leader turned to Lilith “You the one who does nothing except listen—shall never hear again and you!” now speaking in the dripping tones of draconic to Gratos “You! Are the worst of all. Liar! We shall have your tongue!” the leader told the pixies to attack and they swarmed from within the jungle onto Godfrey who couldn’t fly away, Lilith who fell to the ground and clawed their way up Gratos’ arm and onto his face. Each of the adventurers received a bite in the arm, leg, and face—this is when Samantha, Dera’s Ranger Apprentice arrived and threw bottles of blasting oil creating huge clouds of flame. The dazing pixies scared of her “sorcery” scurried away and into the forest as Cody, Dante, Fenrir and her helped carry the now unconscious bodies of the adventurers away.

407 AD – 3rd of Palesun – FiredayEdit

Mist and Mystery AONF

Lilith the Noble awakens in a circle of dazing stones lying atop a loose pile of damp fallen leaves. A light rain fell through the branches of the white birch trees overhead. Meanwhile, Karinana of Velmir, a Dragonborn outlander walked through the chilly, morning mist—autumn leaves drifting past her as she travels through the forest having just departed Mosscrown that morning. As she scrambles she hears scratching and labored breath rush through the branches above. The creature scrambles towards Lilith who is now standing on a path trying to determine which way Splinterfang was and where her weasel, Cody, was. Lilith tries to see the source of the noises but cannot due to the thick fog, she begins to climb a tree to see if she can get a better vantage point. All Lilith sees is a shadow but pulls her slingshot from within her pack and fires a stone, it strikes the branch next to the kneeling creature and sends it running away back from where it came. The creature runs between Karinana’s legs just as Lilith bursts from within the fold of foliage and loads another stone and releases—it strikes the sprinting creature in the back of the head, causing him to collapse into a pile of watery loam.

Karinana rushed over and cradled the creature, a now unconscious Kobold, to her chest and called upon Kirull—the goddess of Justice, Independence, and Sass as well as the Guardian of Women—to revive the poor creature. He awoke but was very confused, his name is Narfen—a family name belonging to his grandpather. He is a runaway slave who once belonged to Ariak Codwell and was bought by Boronte of Valkane in an estate sale of Codwell’s property after his death. He has since escaped and is currently on the run from one of Boronte’s bounty hunters—Garrett Cleaveridge.

Narfen after attempting to kill Cody—Lilith’s Dire Weasel— for food is chased through the misty forest where he startles both Karinana of Velmir and a displaced and confused Lilith. He is knocked unconscious and revived by Karinana. They head towards Splinterfang on the way Narfen makes passes and inappropriate gestures at Karinana who is quick to stop them. He currently owes a life debt to Karinana. It is revealed that Narfen learned his behavior towards women by watching Boronte.

Lilith, Karinana and Narfen arrive in Splinterfang and go into the potions shop in search of a cure for Karinana’s bad eyesight. After much lingual confusion with Henrietta Funk, the shopkeeper, a pair of eyeglasses is procured instead. Lilith then returns to the Highstone Inn. And Karinana ventures further into the city.

407 AD – 11th of Palesun – SwordsdayEdit

Oak and Blades ATOS

Karinana walked into the Highstone Inn and Tavern and sat at the bar, her scaly arms resting on the table top. A man next to her bought her a drink which she lit on fire—producing a low yellow flame before she threw the shot back, swallowing it in one great gulp. A satisfied steam rose from her nostrils. Soon Henrietta Funk burst in and asked Karinana if she’d like to gather Starblood goo from the local forest in order for Henrietta to create more Health potions since her stock has run down. Narfen and Lilith the Noble joined and they set off into Jormur Forest. As they were collecting Starblood goo by killing the local Starblood Spiders and Widows they come across a strange creature which attacks them they fight it off and are able to kill it before it does too much damage which is when Narfen notices a mark burned into the creature’s grey skinned throat. As Narfen, Karinana, and Lilith decide on which path to take at a crossroads, A person clad in armor tumbles backwards from within the thicket his sword raised towards the trees. He stands and continues backing away slowly. When a low rumbling comes from inside the darkness. A blur of grey leaps from the vegetation and knocks the knight to the ground he kicks the beast off of himself and clambers to his feet. A Collarhound stares into the Knights eyes.

Two more Hounds slink from within the forest and join the Alpha to each side, one of the hounds sees you and begins sauntering over head low to the ground. A hound notices Lilith, Karinana, and Narfen—who quickly grabs a branch and so together they defeated and slay the three slim and powerful beasts. After speaking with the knight they discovered that his name was Gorgurel, a former blacksmith turned bounty hunter after the destruction of his home and livelihood. He was currently on a mission from Henrietta Funk to kill Garrett Cleavridge.

Narfen is a bit shaken as he realizes that his doom was not far off. Karinana and Lilith discuss whether or not to follow. Eventually everyone decides to aid Gorgurel in his quest and so they continued forth down the path until they came to a tall stone tower with a single door. They approached the door—a sturdy wooden door, banded with iron. The group stepped closer and noticed some writing scratched into the wooden frame of the door, just to the left of the handle. Cautiously Narfen grabbed a quill and scrap of paper and scribbles the writing down has everyone back up into the trees before he reads the words aloud a great rumble is heard and a large yellow rune lights up briefly before bursting—the door to exploded into splinters.

Everyone stepped inside when Lilith saw a black chest lying on the floor she went over to it and opened it up—a jet of black and blue flame burst from within however Lilith got out of its way. After collecting yet another lump of Starblood goo they came upon a lone Dazing Pixie who told them that they were invited to a “party” Lilith became more and more nervous and having dealt with these pixies before knew nothing good could come of this.

Gorgurel though, still confident, slashed at the Pixie who nimbly floated out of the blade’s way when Karinana clapped the pixie to the ground where Gorgurel then stomped it flat. Then found a chest and opened it; inside was a good collection of treasure which the group shared except for Gorgurel who said it would only slow him down. Lilith took a Great Bone Helm, and a Small Vial of Wound Salve. Karinana simply took the pouch of 45 gold pieces.

They came across another chest and when this one opened a blast of black and blue fire leapt free once the flame had gone however was yet another mound of treasure. Lilith took a Star Rose Quartz, a Polished Stone Rod, 3 Dusky Sapphires and 38 Masterwork Arrows. Karinana took a Sack of Gems and Jewels, Spiked Gloves, a Platinum Cloth Choker and a Large Vial labeled “Aid”. They gathered another collection of Starblood goo before coming to a wall that encircled a large section of the forest, an iron door waiting for them to enter. Everyone entered a room within the wall and the door closed behind them in front of them was another iron door. Narfen stepped towards the door and a large square piece of stone set firmly in the earth clicked.

A panel in the stone floor reveals a small space that can fit only one of them inside. A mechanical clicking could be heard as the ceiling began to fall at an even pace. Everyone began to accept there fate and had Narfen enter the space with Cody. Eventually a group of Dazing Pixies began to taunt them. Then just as everything seemed hopeless the mechanical gears within the wall audibly broke and the stone ceiling was winched back to its original state.

They all step out into a field enclosed by the stone wall. Littered all across the ground are Dazing stones including two rings of the stones containing the bodies of Gratos and Godfrey. At the center of the field is Garrett Cleaveridge atop a black rune plate. He welcomes everyone to the “party” then tells the The dazing pixies to circle and attack the group when Narfen falls prey to the hallucinogenic effect of the stones. The dazing Pixies claw and slash at Lilith’s face. her screams of pain bring Narfen out of his subdues state and in order to save his friends he grabs his branch and runs over and grabs one of the Dazing Stones and attaches it to the Branch using a piece of his linen wraps. He waves it around and soon the Dazing Pixies leave the party alone and begin clambering over the dazing stone trying to free it from Narfen’s clutches. With the Dazing Pixies out of the way, Garrett calls two freshly branded Collarhounds to his side. The group easily dispatches the beasts and begin to close in on Garrett who then calls forth a shroud of darkness.

They soon found Garrett and battled him and the shroud was dispelled. Narfen having killed the Dazing Pixies runs back over and attacks Garrett along with everyone else. Then Garrett grips Narfen by the throat and holds him high in the air, a bloody grin, Lilith screams for everyone to stop as she recalls Orcun dying in a similar manner. Garrett laughs at how weak they all were—to which Karinana offers Garrett to be his prisoner if he released Narfen.

Garrett looks Karinana over crudely and says that Boronte would surely rather have her than Narfen and so agrees however just as Garrett is about to tie Karinana’s hands behind her back Narfen breaks free and strikes Garrett in the head. Karinana and Narfen rejoin the group. Garrett Limping and bloody his armor dangling from him like wet tissue climbs atop the Large rune plate the remaining Dazing Pixies gather around him and begin to chant in draconic. A shimmer surrounds Garrett as the rune plate begins to glow. The party killed the remaining three Dazing Pixies and the shield surrounding Garrett falls.

Narfen rushes at the weakened Garrett as he recoils in pain, Narfen grips Garrett by the throat and speaks in draconic saying “You have no use of power her any longer, burn out—return to ash and release your inner flame to me. A single condensed green ball of flame rises from Garrett’s chest and absorbs itself into Narfen. A burst of green light explodes into the sky and the husk of Garrett falls over dead whereas Narfen simply falls over exhausted. Karinana cleaves Garrett’s head from his shoulders and attaches it to her belt.

Lilith rushes to Godfrey and Gratos’ sides and makes sure hey are still alive before setting up camp as the night falls and bringing the two into the tent. Karinana found two of chests of Garrett’s belongings and shares them with the group. Lilith taking the Mythril Ring of Animal Affinity, the Medium Masterwork Greataxe, a Small Wooden Round Shield, a set of Medium Half-Plate Armor, a Large Potion labeled “Hiding”, 4 Large Emeralds, a Leather Jerkin, and a Mace of Defending. Karinana takes a Rune Encrusted Potion of Levitate, a Magical Bow, a Black Pearl, a Ceramic Jug of Enlarge, 15 gold pieces, an Amethyst, a copper ring of Force Shield, and 300 silver pieces. And finally Narfen received an Arcane Scroll.

The night fell and grew darker as Lilith cared for the two bodies of her sleeping friends.

407 AD - 12th of Palesun - WinedayEdit

[excerpt from the Urrea Tribune] In the early morning a man died at the age of 78, he was our leader and High King Rol Aurora he will be sorely missed by his friends, family, and his people. May the gods look on his soul will favor as he passes on through the veil.

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407 AD – 29th of Palesun – WinedayEdit

Exsterno LF

A large carrier ship sways in an ocean of green water blanketed in thick mist. Within the brig are eight prisoners, each wearing a pair of Vedalken Shackles on their hands—Niles and Black two brothers captured for murder, Karak the Viscous a massive and crazed minotaur with bloodmatted fur and a disturbed gaze, Anber Vanderhale—a mysterious drow sorcerer, Jericho Midnight a Tiefling Runepriest—captured because of fear and belief that he had been killing local goats for demon rituals, Zed Kakuto—Dragonborn and Fighter, Skye Stormguard—resident rogue of New Hampshire arrested for stealing a horse, as well as Grimgaw “The Blaze” an elderly and dying lord and notorious leader of a band of rogue sellswords.

The timbers creak as the vessel struck another treacherous wave. Jericho Midnight sat in a single holding cell, an iron bucket lay in a corner—a pile of defecate in the pail. A large mound of straw lay nearby to serve as both bedding and sustenance. Jericho called over to the single guard saying he was sick hoping to escape when the guard came over he was unimpressed and not gullible enough for such a story and so returned to his post. A great squall was heard outside flashes of lightning could be seen between the slats in the boards overhead. The boat made a terrible groaning and people can be heard shouting on the deck, including the captain a portly and salty one eyed dwarf by the name of Morkil Atlas—barking orders through his cigar. A white burst exploded through the hull at the far side of the boat the single guard fell out into the water with a quick scream. A jangle of keys flew though the air and landed in Karrak’s cell and rung themselves around his horn…which is very close to poking into Jericho’s own cell. Jericho reached and gently pulled the keys from around Karrak’s horn just as he heard a mighty crackling sound. A large piece of the ship falls into the water with a mighty splash water drips and a mighty roar of winds pushes the ship on its side. The ship remained like this before swaying back upright. Jericho worked quickly freeing himself from his cell, both Zed and Skye convinced Jericho to release him while Anber with his coal red eyes was denied. Black and Niles were also let go when they told the others that they wouldn’t regret releasing them. Skye told them all to wait there while he scouted topside to see what was going on. Skye saw a chest near the ship’s topdeck and peered within and found his belongings his twin daggers and his armor. He—with much difficulty—put on his armor and armed himself before continuing on. Meanwhile Jericho had released Karrak and was using his horn to break everyone from their shackles. Once they had broken everyone free and convinced Karak that they in fact were not “bad people” they headed up the stairs and found themselves amid turmoil and confusion he gathered information from the soldiers onboard before having Karak kill them all he then went to dress in his armor.

Back in the Jormur forest we find Lilith the Noble, Narfen, and a sleeping “Furnace” while the Godfrey and Gratos remain catatonic. Lilith searches but sees that Karinana has left without a note she wakes Narfen and checks on the two comatose men—they seem to be gravely ill and so Lilith begs Narfen to send them to Splinterfang to be helped. He agrees but doesn’t promise guaranteed success they are all brought to the run plate and scrape the beheaded body of Cleaveridge to the side before Narfen calls upon his new Warlock powers. In a blaze of emerald flame the bodies apparate away. Gorgurel awakens and says his goodbyes before going back to deliver Garrett’s head to Henrietta Funk. Now all alone Lilith asks Narfen to send them away—back to Splinterfang. A great flame explodes about them and then they reappear. They are now falling downwards into large body of water. Cody nimbly dives into the waves while the other two simply make a large splash. They drift within the water for a bit bickering before a large vessel comes by. They both climb onboard and see confusion and turmoil Narfen sees the large chest and gets inside as Lilith heads up the tairs towards the captain’s quarters when she runs into a muscular, silver skinned elf wearing armor, carrying twin daggers and bound in magically seal manacles.

After Jericho has put on his armor, Zed goes to put on his armor and finds Narfen stowed away. Zed picks Narfen up and tosses him aside before donning his finely smithed set of armor. Despite Narfen trying to bond with Zed about their racial similarities Zed remains distant and unfriendly as he departs following closely behind Niles, Black and Karrak and Jericho. Narfen—feelings bruised—heads belowdeck.

Lightning has nearly killed both Lilith and Skye when they finally reach Morkil’s quarters however find it abandoned. Jericho and his criminal troupe are not far behind and Jericho is searching now for possibly his final hope out of here—his runic halberd has been locked away along with other powerful items within the Captain’s personal safebox. Soon everyone is within the Captain’s quarters. A map is laid across his desk with the charted course headed for Gaol. Lilith now wears a ring of Chameleon—The Blaze’s most prized possession. This is when Morkil Atlas decides to come from within his hiding place brandishing a black blade and warning them all that he would rather die than see his reputation for prompt and uneventful delivery of degenerates unsullied. Jericho grabs his halberd and holds it in his hands just as a large explosion is heard. Everyone stares at Jericho. “that wasn’t me!” he was right just as he said this Anber hovered above the misty water and began cackling. Narfen ran and stood beside Lilith mumbling that he was sorry. Karrak roared and headed to face the Drow devil. Jericho had Narfen, Lilith, Zed, and Skye hold onto his halberd as it grew a bright orange and then strung open like strumming the chords of the universe. It was suddenly bitter cold and they saw in the distance a town with lights in their windows on the horizon.

407 AD – 30th of Palesun – ThunderdayEdit

Snortplug AA

The adventurers arrived at the city gates to New Graaten—an orc village settled within the icy mountains of the White Irons. The two guards stood atop the walls and shouted down asking them about their business peering down at the glowing blue shackles that Skye wore about his wrists. Jericho stepped forward and explained that they were escorting this Skye to collect reward money and required a place to rest their heads for the night. One of the Orcs stared at Jericho’s runic halberd with great interest and finally said that they would let them all in in exchange for the halberd. Jericho agreed as the halberd no longer had any real purpose as he had burned its one time Expeditious Retreat rune and he was in no way a halberd weapons expert. He handed over the ruined weapon and the city gates fell open. Skye immediately paid for and went to his room dozed off soundly. Jericho however saw 3 Orcs sitting at a crooked table near the hearth and approached. The three introduced themselves—Thyre-a quick footed and hot tempered orc who sat silently crossing his arms, Katla-a slim female orc stood and greeted Jericho with a polite nod of her head before retaking her seat and taking a gulp of foaming brew before her, Finally a large orc with paler green skin downed a massive chalice of pungent smelling ale before burping loudly and extending a large hand to Jericho-saying his name was Ogmund with a thick Orcish accent followed by a quick swipe of his hand across his mouth to clear away the gathered suds.

Ogmund asked if Jericho was a “gawmbleen’ mawn” and set a leather satchel of gold coins on the table’s surface. Lilith, knowing Jericho had no funds of his own placed a collection of 100 gold pieces on the table. Jericho nodded to thank Lilith and then Ogmund pulled a six-sided die carved from bone from within his knapsack and placed it on the table.

“The game is Hi-Lo—we both take turns rolling the dice and we each choose Hi or Lo—Lo being 1 through 3 and Hi being 4 through 6 each roll we both bet 20 gold pieces. You must play until you are out of gold to bet or else you forfeit and I win all of your gold regardless. So which would you prefer Lord Midnight—Hi or Lo?”

Jericho chose Lo and so the game began. Ogmund won 4 rounds right away and Jericho placed the final 20 gold pieces Lilith had given him on the table. Ogmund had the die this round and so he let it roll—it finally rested on a 2 and so Ogmund begrudgingly handed Jericho 20 gold pieces. Jericho then won the next three rolls then lost one won another two lost one won four in a row lost two won twice lost once then won two more times and now had 200 gold pieces and so gave Lilith back her 100 and placed his newly gained remainder into his belt pouch for safe keeping. Ogmund furrowed his brow then broke into a mighty laugh.

“Are you as lucky on the battlefield as you are in the pub Lord Midnight?” “Why do you ask—what have you heard Ogmund?” “Would you or your friends be interested in earning more of my gold?” Lilith stepped forward. “I would” Zed concurred before Jericho himself grew intrigued. “What exactly would we have to do?”

Ogmund, Katla and Thyre explained that recently a band of shifty and desperate Ice Goblins had come through and stolen a great artifact and even before this had simply been a nuisance by pilfering gold, food, and one time a large section of the Ms. Demora Nightkeeper’s wall. The three orcs would be glad to pay them for the destruction of their goblin encampment a frozen cesspool called Snortplug. As well as the return of the artifact and any other items they salvaged and finally 45 gold for each goblin head they returned back with.” Lilith, Zed, Jericho and Narfen accepted the quest and headed for bed. In the morning Lilith found that Narfen was missing from her bed and so wandered into the pub to find him tail swaying on a barstool a tin cup of Smouth before him.

“Narfen! What are you doing?” “I’m drinking already paid for 50 drinks and this is my third so I have 47 more to go.”

Lilith leaned closer and looked within the cup and was immediately horrified when she recognized the contents making a few nauseated motions before settling down and tearing Narfen from the bar top over to the table where she saw Jericho and Zed. Zed’s snout buried in a delicious smelling bacon chowder as Jericho stared into the depth’s of the hearth as if attempting to learn the secrets held in the sway and flicker of the flames.

“Let’s head out everyone” Jericho said coming out of his daze suddenly. Zed’s forked tongue swirled within the bowl lapping up the remaining dribbles of stew before he looked up. “Indeed let us head forward, I no longer require food and so am prepared for the journey.” Narfen licked the remaining flecks of alcoholic orc cream from his snout and lazily crawled on top of Zed’s shoulder and raised his Staff of dazing high above his head before zed scoffed loudly and smacked the Kobold to the pub floor. Soon they had exited the city walls and were now standing in snowfall and headed forth using Ogmund’s directions.

As they trekked a mighty crack traveled along the ice opening a chasm beneath their feet everyone dove out of the way as a large six-armed and apelike creature with dark purple fur and massive incisors released a shrill roar. Everyone struck the beast at once—Zed flinging pellets of ice into his eyes by sweeping his great axe along the ground, Jericho using his Word of Diminishment by calling the beast a “Bonerfart” followed by a comment on the fact that the beast’s father was never proud of him. Lilith launched Cody to grapple with the beast resulting in the loss of limb for the creature (a subterranean ice Anderdrake).

Jericho then attacked and in one quick slice dismembered three more of his arms. The Anderdrake gave a final roar before bleeding out on the ice field. The group took what they wanted and headed forward. However they didn’t get too far before yet another large crevasse formed and an even larger Anderdrake—this one bright crimson with large soul swallowing eyes crawled from deep belowground and lashed out wildly with its rippling and powerful arms.

While most of the party dodged these blows one carefully aimed fist made contact with Lilith’s chest and she skidded far away from the rest of the group and lay unconscious. Narfen leapt atop the Anderdrake crawling up his back and cut at the “Bonerfart’s” throat making his chest swell and detonate into an explosive and powerful growl. The Anderdrake rolled his shoulders and shook his back and Narfen was flung free tearing two fistfuls of crimson fur free with him. Lilith awoke from her state and fired a few sling bullets at the beast stunning him then had Cody attack— tearing strips of flesh from his torso before Zed leapt from the ice and with a swing from his Great axe cleaved the Anderdrake’s skull in twain.

Their journey to Snortplug was no longer interrupted and so it was not long before they stood at the edge of the camp. Soon they were noticed and the seven Ice Goblins exited their domiciles weapons ready. Hoping that tales of her own generosity to the goblins had reached these at Snortplug Lilith began speaking with whom she believed was the Goblin Leader.

He had not however through their talks they discovered that in fact Ogmund, Katla, and Thyre had lied about the raids and the stolen amulet. The goblins were the one’s who were constantly raided by the orcs, so much so that they had to resort to cannibalism for food and so remained the last seven of the clan. The Amulet of Akbar belonged to the Goblins and had been stolen by Katla and had in fact simply been taken back from them at great cost to the goblins of whom many were injured even now. Jericho devised a plan and so had the goblin jeweler create a decoy amulet that they could return to the Orcs.

The jeweler and another goblin headed into the craftsman’s home for an hour before the jeweler returned alone with an ivory amulet in his gore splashed hands that looked almost identical to the original Amulet of Akbar. So Jericho took both in his hands pretending to make sure they were of similar weight before he slipped the real amulet into his pocket and returned the decoy back to the six goblins who were none the wiser. The adventurers returned to Ogmund, Katla, and Thyre who requested the amulet as well as other treasures but Jericho refused thanking them for informing them of the amulet and pointing out that there was no real reason for him to give it up as there was no contract.

The orcs visibly frustrated and angry left the tavern as everyone else went back to their sleeping quarters except for Narfen who returned to the bar and ordered yet another decanter of Smouth.

407 AD – 2nd of Highsun – SaintsdayEdit

Dragonforge TROV

Near the base of Mt. Yogan is a clearing in a forest. A female halfling, Fiona Redwyn, enters the clearing and sees a silver sword protruding from a desiccated corpse in the middle of the grassy field. Going over to it she immediately withdrew it from the body before another figure emerged from within the thicket. He was very tall Had blond hair, And wore leather armor. Fiona the halfling saw him first and readied her blade. Then the figure, Eris Silverfort, saw her and called out asking if she was friendly. She responded that indeed she was friendly and the two of them began to speak—sharing their names and swapping information before Eris leads her onto the path headed to Dragonforge that he was on.

Meanwhile in New Graaten, Lilith and Narfen were making their way across a snowy landscape on their way back to Splinterfang to meet up with their friends. Lilith cursing Narfen under her breath and through chattering teeth. Narfen trotted happily behind her a canteen of Smouth to his lips. Lilith gave him an icy stare under frozen lashes. Then she continued trudging unaware of the looming figures in the distance. Narfen noticed the shapes in the distance and caught up to Lilith and shouted for her to run. three caustic and volumous roars drew nearer and Lilith became increasingly aware of the sound of scraping knuckles on ice coming ever closer.

In a bit of panic Narfen reached behind his head and grabbed the Staff of Dazing before leaping onto Lilith’s back and casting a large wavering rune in the snow. Soon the world had fell away and Lilith and Narfen were drifting down a tumbling shaft of mixing green light.

on a large obsidian overgang protruding from Mt. Yogan rests an odd city with a foundation of black stone and embers-Dragonforge-it is a place reknowed for its magic and fantastically crafted metal work and weapons. a local dive, The Gnarled Paw, is crawling with drunken idiots and intoxicated swindlers being loose with their coinpurses in hopes of a never ending flow of ale and a bedding with someone beautiful enough to have come from Twilight. one of these swindlers however is not so drunk, Dalvannan watches distantly from a stool a glass of Nectar held crisply between his thumb and forefinger as his eyes dart from mark to mark. He stands and takes a few lithe steps forward—a heavy set Drow man has a blood red decanter in his hands a flame unfurling from within. the Drow drunkenly slurs to one of his compatriots and downs the entire tankard, streaks of liquid silver fire streak across his jaw and he closes his mouth briefly before releasing a black ring of smoke from within his maw and laughing boisterously.

Dalvannan is already back at his stool, fingers wrapped around his steaming glass of Nectar once more—a lavender coin purse with the initials of M.O. already adding weight to the back of his belt and hidden underneath his red cloak, a fuse and pin trap already attached to the stolen coinprse in case the pickpocket should ever become the pickpocketed. Dalvannan is about to snatch his last bit of coin before heading to The Stubborn Stone when a burst of green light explodes inside the tavern.

Eris and Fiona have just gotten two glasses of water when the bards song stops and the sound of wood splintering tears into The Gnarled Paw’s night time ambiance. an emerald glow flashing brightly before fading just as abruptly. The two turn around and see a half-elf woman with her silver hair draped on her shoulders a Kobold riding her as though she were his jocky.

Standing nearby is an adorable Weasel the size of a Dragonborn who seeing the crowd stands closer to the woman and lowers his brow become instantly as frightening as a bear. The Kobold dismounts the half-elf and climbs atop the weasel’s back before awkwardly waving at everyone. The Half-Elf walks over.

“Where am I?”

Fiona replies “You’re in the Gnarled Paw in Dragonforge”

Fiona sees that the silver haired ladies’ hair and clothes are dusted in snowflakes which makes her mind reel.

they must be at the very least from the Everfrost if not even farther

Eris must notice it too because he asks the two figures their names and where they are coming from.

“My names Lilith, this here is Cody and this——is Narfen and up until about three minutes ago we were all trekking across the snowy ice fields until Narfen here saved us from a herd of Ice Trolls by sending us about a hundred miles past our target!”

“Well excuse me for trying to keep us alive” The Kobold piped

“You forget that I have this” Lilith held her left pinky finger up so that an metallic, ivory ring could shine through the heavy smoke and in the dingy tavern light. “Trolls—especially the ones in the north are more animal than human—I would’ve been able to hold them back for at least a few minutes simply by telling them to which would’ve been plenty of time for me to have dispatched them with my sling or if need be my sickle.”

Dalvannan watched this exchange with interest—his interest becoming more focused when he saw both the apparently enchanted Mythril ring on her pinky, and another silver ring in the shape of a lizard set with a purple gemstone. However to lift the pair would be tricky, he began walking to the bar where he came up behind the half-elf and cocked his stance and changed his face to match of the dozen or more sleazeballs shuffling within the tavern and then made his move draping a loose arm over her right shoulder and letting it hang dangerously close to her chest.

“Heeeyy…thsar…pretty lady—how much for a quick bedding. I ain’t lookin’ for romance or nutin’ just the touch of a gorgeous woman and maybe some gyratin’” Dalvannan’s hand fell on Lilith’s ringed hand as his other began sliding up the small of her back.

Lilith turned about however instead of what he thought would be a face of disgust was instead one of lust and true interest.

“I’d love to” Lilith slid her hand to Dalvannan’s chin and deftly smoothed across his angular chin. her ringed hand squeezed his own slightly. “I’d love to gyrate you right here, right now—it seems this bartop is free”

the next couple of events happened in rapid succession; first Dalvannan’s eyebrows went up in suprise and confusion, then Lilith’s hand fell from his chin and locked itself around his neck, followed by her ringed hand tightening its grip on his hand and twisting his wrist, and lastly she spun his entire body around and clapped him down hard on the bartop the left side of his face making an audible clap on the uneven obsidian.

“next time try to remember that drunks don’t use bigger words—-if they want to fuck, they’ll be more blunt about it and also you should know that pickpockets don’t steal—from me!”

Lilith released Dalvannan and let his body slide away from her before she stormed out the door followed closely by a clearly intoxicated Narfen with his canteen to his lips riding atop Cody yelling “Mush! Mush! Mush!” and then burping loudly as they exited.

The night came and went with Lilith, Narfen, and Cody finding refuge in one of the rooms for rent at The Stubborn Stone, Eris had given Fiona a small satchel of coin in order to find a place to stay but she instead pocketed the gold pieces and crafted a very comfortable bed for herself from an empty wooden barrel, and an empty flour bag stuffed with crushed straw. Eris however walked down the street and met with a man at his manor before sleeping in one of the man’s spare rooms for the night.

Dalvannan awoke to a crisp black sky, in a small pile of filth and decay mounded on the sidewall of The Gnarled Paw. He stood and swept a rather large pile of rat droppings from his shoulders before striding back to his hovel and washing his face in a dented tin bucket. Before he noticed a dark figure crouched atop a rooftop his white eyes and smile still visible on his shadowed face.

Meanwhile, Fiona was following her nose headed to the local Rowdy Rooster to order herself some bacon and steak using her gold pieces when she too saw a strange figure perched atop the roof, she stepped closer in order to investigate further. Soon Narfen, Lilith, Fiona, Eris, and Dalvannan were gathered together below the figure. Narfen recognized the figure.

“Anber!” “How do you know this elf!” Eris shouted drawing a single silver blade

Lilith remembered the last time they had come across Anber—aboard the prisoner ship which she helped mutiny. In fact it was Narfen who released the wicked mage from his Vedalken shackles in the first place. Lilith quickly summarized the events.

They watched as Anber lept from his perch on high, landed next to everyone and smiled wide. He stooped down near Narfen and scraped an untrimmed yellow nail under his scaly chin, “Hello my friend” Narfen recoiled. “Aren’t you going to introduce me to your mates?” Anber flashed his four pointed fangs. Lilith stepped in front of Narfen and pressed the top of her quarterstaff under Anber’s chin who raised his palms and smiled weakly as glowing druidic magic began collecting and sparking on the staff’s tip under his chin. “Listen I didn’t mean harm. I only want—“ Lilith didn’t let him finish “I have what you want” she said and pressed her staff deep into his veiny throat. “I sense a dark presence in this group” Anber said stressing his words his eyes growing darker with fury “perhaps a manipulative force” Anber’s hateful eyes burrowed into Lilith’s grey eyes “You, Blood-elf, come closer aid me and I will grant you with powers spoken of only in Undercommon and written in the ichor of Umbra himself.” Dalvannan stepped closer as the others took a step back confused and dumbfounded. Dalvannan nodded his head in Lilith’s direction then made motion towards her staff. Lilith pulled out her sling and caught Dalvannan’s wrist in the fork and pressed his own open palm into his own neck. She averted her boiling gaze from Anber and looked at Dalvannan seriously. Eris spoke up “Knock it off you two. Dalvannan trust me—you don’t want to do that, I have heard of this Anber before and until now believed he was already rotting in Gaol Prison—his corpse alone is worth a lot more than your own if you try to aid him—and if you do that’s all you’ll become. So think carefully!” Lilith removed the sling and Dalvannan grasped at his throat and sucked in several large breaths and the color returned to his face. Dalvannan regained his composure and smirked “How much exactly?” Eris spoke his eyes locked on the red splotch growing under Anber’s chin from the heat of the pulsing magic “from what I saw he’s worth about 50,000 gold pieces, even if we share it we could get 10,000 gold each. If you help us Dalvannan I will gift you my portion of the reward.” everyone moved in and grabbed Anber’s limbs Eris tying his hands behind his back as Fiona wrapped up his legs. Dalvannan’s mind was already made up even before Eris offered further gold and so hastily tried to help adding knots to the ropes as Anber’s voice began to cackle loudly-growing louder.

“Hahahaha. You believe these bonds will hold one such as me….you are mistaken” a furling violet cloud formed a cocoon around Anber and then fell away to the blackened earth. The ropes lay on the stone still tied together and knotted. Anber was only a few feet away. Eris shouted at him and called for everyone to follow.

The chase was relatively short as Anber drifted through the streets before disappearing into a dismantled mineshaft dug into Mt. Yogan itself. Everyone followed but found only darkness Narfen set his left hand ablaze with emerald witchfire lighting the cavern for everyone to see. they walked through the ceaseless tunnels aimlessly until a quake ruptured their passage and cracked open a long forgotten tunnel. everyone headed inside only to discover a band of three Gnolls sitting by a crackling fire sharpening their wicked blades. Eris snuck behind and stabbed one between the shoulder-blades before lopping off its drooling head. Dalvannan struck and sliced one bwtween the ribs but he wasn’t going down Fiona snuck up from behind and stabbed the beast in its heel which distracted t long enough for Dalvannan to stab through his thick furry neck killing the creature before he slid the corpse off him. Eris cracked the last remaining Gnoll’s jaw with a punch from his iron gauntlet before Lilith sicced Cody on the Gnoll who had no chance to defend himself. The battle was quick and only ended when the screams of howling agony ended as Cody’s claws worked through the Gnoll.

Having no other option but to continue forward they stepped over the corpse’s looted their supplies and headed forth into yet another dark cave. Until they came across a slugma-a horrifying beast of sliding fire and magma. fire pooled around his body causing everyone to stand back as Narfen and Lilith defeated the beast through painstaking long distance attacks and a well placed Eldritch Blast. The volcano quaked once more and the pathway back into the mineshaft opened once more. they followed the path and only stopped when they arrived in a large pentagon-shaped room with five doors each with a torch of a different color glowing outside of it; Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, and Orange. each member took turns entering the various doors with each returning with a different item or artifact; Dalvannan received a large sum of gold, Narfen came back with a Staff of Decay, Eris returned brandishing two swords-one sapphire the other a bright crimson, Fiona found a well crafted runic dagger, and Lilith found a wooden box containing alexandrite sling bullets. they retruned from the treasure troves and headed forth until they came upon a staircase headed straight down. “We can only hope we find Anber soon” Eris spoke

a wide chamber room with red lanterns was at the bottom of the stairs, inside was a blonde succubus with striped white-and-black skin and what appeared to be a blue-skinned tiefling getting quite romantic atop a large plush zebra pillow. However they soon saw the group standing in the doorway. The tiefling stopped and was about to speak when the succubus simply placed a slim finger to his lips and crawled onto his lap with her back to the party and stripped her lacy tunic from her torso reveling her curvy striped nubile form “I like it when others watch” she said smoothly. The plush pillow beneath the couple began moving and a face began to appear and what at first seemed simply furniture was in fact a large bearded creature with a mess of hair and horns sighed loudly and shook his monstrous head before pulling a curtain to sequester their carnal endeavors away from the prying eyes.

The group recovered as much as they could but they could not un-see what they had just seen. they stepped further into the room and noticed seven runes carved into the marble floors. Seven torches flickered each a different color above seven black chest carved of other doorways existed in the room.

“while we’re here we might as well get what we can—it seems Anber has escaped us this day.” Lilith said Eris crouched down and shook his head then stood and nodded in agreement before stepping over to the blue torch and opening the chest-inside was a silver ring inset with a sapphire an array of talons holding the stone in place. Narfen retrieved his ring a single circle of orange crystal. Fiona an obsidian ring set with an amethyst, Dalvannan a black metal ring with a violet stone, and Lilith finding a ring carved entirely from a large emerald.

As Lilith placed the green ring to her finger the room filled with crackling energy as Anber swooped down from the ceiling and dark purple thunderclouds began to swirl and clatter. the room went dark and everyone felt as though they were falling down a set of stairs.

407 AD – 11th of Highsun – TowerdayEdit

Exsterno II LV

Skye and Jericho awoke and Skye’s Vedalken shackles have turned a deep scarlet. When Jericho examines them he discovers an Explosion rune written into the metal. So the two of them headed towards the Blacksmith shop “Horseshoes and Explosive Metal Casings” on their way a drunkard stumbles barefoot down the snowy flagstone street and calls to them.

“Ey’ I know you—you guys are those other blokes from the poster—you are criminals!—the Atlas Escapees!” He begins to back away falls then runs away. A couple of nearby orcs begin to saunter over. They begin quietly discussing a strategy to take Jericho and Skye in a fight and offer them to the authorities “It really is them…their poster says they’re worth a pretty penny.” Jericho threatens them and easily scares them off, however as they turn tail they shout that there is “plenty more of those posters in the city, eventually someone will run you bastards down.”

They see a scholar reading on the stones of a fountain and ask him for directions to the blacksmith he agrees and eventually the duo arrives at the Blacksmith shop they ask him if he can help. He says he will do his best but despite this the shackles remain. Suddenly a small balding man with spectacles calls out to them saying that he knows that Jericho tricked both New Graaten and Snortplug by both not slaying the ice goblins and by keeping the real Amulet of Akbar. Jericho and Skye kill him quickly and place his corpse in the fire. The Blacksmith asks that in return for his silence on the matter that the adventurers retrieve his Embersword from thieving Kobolds hiding in a coal mine. The two decide that they will do this a bit later but warn the blacksmith to make good on his silence. As they are headed out they come across Iana a female Minotaur shaman who tells them of some ice caves in order to reach a sorcerer in Marblerose who might be able to help them. With her guidance through the ice caverns past the traps and the wild beasts including “Fluffy” the polar bear and a gigantic Ice Mephit that they slay they make it to Marblerose entirely unscathed.

407 AD - 14th of Whitefall - SwordsdayEdit

[excerpt from the Highstone Times] In memorial and with honor I present the statue of Orcun Leaftail - Arcane of the Firestar who was slain at the hands of the vile Nexus. May his presence in the hallowed halls within the Chamber of Petrichor remind us of our friend and mentor, a true fallen hero. Rest in Peace.
Orcun the Arcane Eldder

407 AD – 22nd of Whitefall – FiredayEdit

Volitinox AW

The blackness exploded and penetrated Lilith, Cody, Narfen, Eris, Dalvannan, and Fiona as they fell. Single drifting fragments of starlight were the only light in this vast and echoing void. Soon there was a loud explosion and three tendrils of inky white and blue wormed and wrapped themselves around both Fiona and Eris and they were pulled through a massive swirling rift of crackling lavender. Lilith cried out for Narfen to do something but the two had passed beyond the veil into a realm unknown. A bright haze came closer and closer to both Dalvannan and Lilith before consuming them. They both landed against something hard and flat using their forearms to protect themselves from the impact. They lay there awhile before standing.

Lilith and Dalvannan stood up and looked around themselves as Narfen made Cody his steed once more. They were standing on a great section of obsidian adrift in a sea of icy blue lava and hellfire spewing great volumes of heat into the atmosphere. The sky was pitch black and revealed no constellations with which to travel by. The ground was extremely hardened and made of smooth obsidian. Rising from the center of the black stone was a wicked looking and jagged bastion carved of the same polished stone with a great blue flame belching from its crown. At the front of the tower there was a doorway with a curving black rune carved across its face.

“I don’t like this. Narfen! Where did you send us now?” Lilith asked

“Me? I didn’t do this It seems obvious to me that Anber sent us here. Dalvannan did you see anything?”

Dalvannan made no reply.

“Dalvannan? Everything ok?”

“I just haven’t been away from Dragonforge in a while, I’ve barely been outside the Ashlands. Where are we?”

Lilith stepped over and placed her hand on Dalvannan’s shoulder

“I don’t know but we won’t be here long. Narfen send us out of here”

Narfen’s eyes got wide and then he pulled both of his staffs from his back and held them out in front of himself before calling out draconic chants and pulling several strands of emerald magic into the center of the group then he said the final word and the green magic crackled and shattered into a amethyst explosion. The smoke rose high into the hot air then it cleared away. Dalvannan and Lilith were left coughing and wheezing before they found Narfen’s unconscious body twisted and covered in cuts and scrapes. His chest rising and falling shallowly. Lilith immediately crouched down and placed her palms over Narfen’s wounds and did her best to heal them. Then she placed her index fingers on each of his temples a small burst of blue white energy making a small glow before she pulled back her hands and shaking her head.

“Well he seems healthy physically but there seems to be some sort of block in his mind keeping him distant.”

Dalvannan and Lilith placed him back on Cody and tied his limp body tightly so he did not fall from the restraints. This was when the door to the tower burst open with a whirlwind of black fog. To either side of the door there was a shifting figure of ragged shadow with a male harpy struggling within their grips.

“Just what we need—more conflict” Lilith said however Dalvannan was already running over blades in hand to greet the new arrivals Cody too was running alongside Dalvannan, Narfen’s limbs flopping and dragging along the obsidian ground.

With a happy bladed uppercut to each of the Shadow Guards where they both fell like a sack of potatoes leaving behind a glistening shadowkey and a breathless harpy with a black sack over his head. The other two adventurers remove the sack over the harpy’s head to reveal a beautiful man with a frock of yellow feathers and a red blindfold over his eyes. Lilith motions to take the blindfold free from his eyes but he stopped her hands.

“No this blindfold is not part of my bonds. This keeps my beautiful eyes hidden so I do not daze anyone. Thank you for freeing me who do I have the honor of thanking?”

Everyone gives an introduction including Narfen who mumbles “Snarr….flemm” when Lilith introduces herself Slavastia seems very intrigued “With a voice as beautiful as that it is my curiosity is almost overwhelmed to the point where I wish to look upon you with my own eyes.” Dalvannan scoffs and turns away from the group obviously peeved by this new handsome character arriving wedging himself into the group. Narfen’s eyes snap open briefly and his eyes focus as he stares up and down at Slavastia

“I like your feathers. They are very pretty” then he falls silent again and returns to unconsciousness. Everyone has a good chuckle before Lilith asks Slavastia if he knew a way out of this land. Slavastia tilts his head towards the door he just came out of. “This is probably our only chance to get out”. The doorway led to a set of stairs which they followed down into a small circular room with stone floors and three pillars rising to the ceiling. A hissing noise filled the room and they hurriedly departed the room and traveled down a long stone corridor before they came to a fork. They could either head straight or take a left. They decided to head left where they came to a large iron door. Dalvannan tried the door hoping there was treasure but it was locked. Dalvannan was about to dig in his knapsack and pull out his lock picking equipment when Lilith simply dragged him away despite his protests. Instead they continued down the corridor until it ended in a large circular room. Iron spikes lined the walls with a single stone fountain burbling in the back.

The sound of the burbling slowly brought Narfen from his stupor. His eyes refocused and he began to undo his restraints. “Are we back? And who is the feather man?” Right as Lilith was about to answer him a burst of purple mist overtook the room

“Ssurprisse” a shadow moved lithely within the fog and grabbed Narfen’s emerald staff away from him. The mist dissipated and a Tiefling with dark purple skin stood before them and created a pool of acid at his feet. The man laughed “Welcome to hell” Lilith laughed in response and said “your own personal” before firing a slug with her sling shot that hit him right under his eye. The Tiefling cursed loudly and then apparated from the room. Dalvannan skirted around the pool of acid shrugging the experience off as odd and plunged a fist into the fountain. Inside he found a bastard sword lying at the bottom

They enter a large torchlit dungeon underkeep. Spiraling runes glow like cinders on the walls. A long rectangular pool of clear water glistens with light from the chandelier of iron swords and blue flame hanging above it. a single torn banner of red silk hangs in the corner-a phrase is embroidered into the fabric in white thread, the meaning of which has long been forgotten and the script in which it is sewed has not seen daylight for several centuries. Lilith deciphers the glowing red script carved into the stone of the walls; The Tin|der and stone |from within it mu|st hone an esca|pe for the mind. This calls several Drow guardians to the room who are quickly dispatched (Slavastia even manages to take one out by bumping one into the central fountain full of enchanted water which turns the drow to stone). They stay in this chamber awhile Narfen takes a step towards the wall and begins tracing his claws on the curves of the glowing runes. His expression vacant he looks back to the others for a moment before sitting down against the wall and scraping black residue from beneath his scales. the chamber grows ever quiet to the point where the thick sounds of distant burbling lava can be heard. the pools water reflects wiggling lines of light that play against the shadows on the dusty black stone walls. Lilith shifts her weight onto her other foot and strokes Cody under his chin. Cody responds by nuzzling Lilith's cheek. Dalvannan begins walking around the perimeter of the pool, sliding his fingers across the granite platform examining its surface hoping to find a hidden tripwire or perhaps a pressure plate that will reveal a hidden horde of treasures. Slavastia walks over to one of the four pillars in the corners of the room and leans against it. This is when he notices a dull light coming from a room to his right and walks towards it. Slavastia enters a large circular room. A single torch flickers casting an orange light on the dry stone floor. Several alcoves are carved into the walls. Slavastia looks inside each of the alcoves. his soft feathered fingertips brushing dust aside. Inside one he could feel a tin circlet with an obsidian stone set in it, then a dusky brown bottle unlabeled and corked, in another lies a folded shirt of polished chainmail, in another is a pair of ermine bracers and finally is a burlap sack that looks lumpy. After carefully thinking Slavastia takes the trove of supplies and shares them amongst themselves. The trio move deeper into the dungeon and find their progress slowed through little demonic imps who float and whisper ancient riddles to test their wit. Imps are mischievous beings attracted to great wells of power as well as ancient artifacts once held by those with a Demon's blood. the riddles are usually easy to figure out but those that proved too difficult were solved when Dalvannan would smash the imp under his boot. They found many chambers and items of interests such as; a pile of corroded iron spikes lies in the rubble hiding a nest of Fire-Spiders. A small rectangular room with blue stones covering the floor the words explosive runes are scrawled into a wall next to a blackened pile of bones. A tile mosaic of vile acts covers the floor with the inscription “Enas stands here, slain by a basilisk”, A tile mosaic of three dark creatures with glowing red eyes adorns the wall inscripted “Brothers of Hellflame”, a tall demonic idol holds a bowl of silver fire, and a large circular room with a wooden platform hangs over a deep pit in the center of the room, a mural of a legendary battle adorns the ceiling. Lilith made her way onto the wooden platform and found a chest of black wood containing 20 platinum pieces, then they moved towards a shadowed tunnel.

After passing through an arched tunnelway lined with razorgem they entered a hidden chamber concealed behind a statue of a sorceress, inscripted Keernan, and operated by moving her hand —a monstrous spider hung from a single thread of silk from the ceiling. Slavastia was injured in the ensuing fight, having been bit in the torso by the Spider's massive fangs. Lilith did her best to heal their new found ally but the poison was powerful and continued to spread in Slavastia's veins. Dalvannan and Lilith worked together and were able to overcome the beastly arachnid and quiet the clacking of its venomous fangs. They discovered yet another trove of hidden items...mostly useless but one item seemed destined to be placed on Slavastia's feathered head. A Helm of Psychic Fire was gifted to the harpy and Lilith offered up one of her healing potions to help curb the venom's effects. They finally made their way to the last room of the Dungeon a strange Oddly shaped chamber with deep pits of yellow and blue fame. as they stood the purple Tiefling appeared before them and the remaining Imps paralyzed he three adventurers.

"Welcome, to your demisssse" he said and slashed shallowly across their wrists. the blood pooled at their feet and activated a rune in the floor which glowed a bright emerald. The rune begins to vibrate as black and blue fire erupt all around you then silence and stillness as you appear within a steel grey room brightly lit with amber fire. They found themselves in a massive colosseum sized throne room. The sound of your heart beat the only sensation you have left soon the brightness fades. You find yourself within a large pavilion a rows of armored Drow soldiers stare at one another across an ornate blue rug pathway that leads straight ahead to a throne set atop black marble risers. The soldiers make no motion to attack. Sitting atop a throne made of congealed blood and bone sat a massive half naked creature who even seated is eight feet tall. His sapphire skin is leathery and thick with callouses. He wears an ivory bone helm even as he lounges. His long black talons dipping into a bowl of raw and unidentifiable flesh. A red-haired slave naked above the waist writhes near him—a vacant expression on her face as she does a sultry and undignified dance, she waves her naked form around the demon and slides around on his lap even as he distractedly slurps down another knotted tangle of sinew and marrow.

Silvus apparates to Asmodeus’ right hand “Sire we have intruders”

“and how exactly did they get here?”

Asmodeus stands up knocking the naked girl to the hard floor, she gets up and stands beside the throne.

Asmodeus approaches:

“What are you scum here for?”

“Should we dispatch them Lord?” a soldier asks

No that won’t be necessary I think Silvus should handle them…I’ve needed a new servant.

Don’t have time for you weaklings anyway, Silvus kill them…then send them to the butcher at least I’ll get a good meal before the night is out.”

Silvus attacks them viciously but Slavastia is able to tear great wounds across Silvus’ chest with beams of fire from his helm, he curses them and bursts away in a cloud of inky purple smoke.

“that fool, at least have the decency to die…he should be more afraid of my fury” Asmodeus stands to his full height his milky white eyes staring at you

“you can never trust a tiefling. Long ago a forgotten race of devils created a secret path to power and taught it to the tieflings of old to weaken their fealty to me. Invoking my wrath I destroyed the scheming devils and struck their very names from the memory of all beings—However before I did this I learned these secrets myself. I have made my pact with the Infernal and will now use it to my full advantage.”

Asmodeus leapt toward them and threw a punch at Narfen  “time to kill the smallest steak”

Cody shos great power and the strength of all of them is felt as blasts of power magical and otherwise cut and tear and shred away at his life, until even his massive bone helm lay crooked and cracked. Close to Death Asmodeus calls upon the red haired slave.

“Persei come forth!” Asmodeus grabs a dagger from his belt and places it in her hands, …a sword when it enters her hands and sends her forward her eyes distant and glowing under Asmodeus mighty influence. Under his control she swings at Narfen, lopping off the tip of his tail. Narfen goes into a powerful frenzy and a pulse of his emerald magic calls thousands of the Imps to his aid, against their will and Narfen channels a powerful spell enhanced by the Imps magical blood. The daze that Persei was once under is drawn out of her. She collapses to the floor—exhausted. Narfen then commands the Imps to cannibalize the crumpled and nearly dead Demon God. The Imps feed on the Massive blue Demon of Anger even as he calls out and curses, powerful magic killing hundreds of Imps at a time but in the end it isn’t enough and Asmodeus is reduced to carrion.

Exhausted the heroes find the Ruby Rod of Asmodeus and Narfen uses it to open a void back to Exsterno.

407 AD - 19th of Fellnight - TowerdayEdit

Jericho Alone - Marblerose

Jericho ventures to Marblerose.

He meets Morkil Atlas’ wife Sera—gets her arrested?

He meets the locals including an old blind shopkeep—he asks to buy a map but finds it is too expensive for his tastes. Jericho steals the map (the shopkeep is too blind to notice) and Jericho also finds a small chest of Synthesized Sklug under a trapdoor in the floorboards.

Heads to Fort Greystable and rescues Karak the Minotaur then allows him to escape.

Heads to a Kobold Lair and tames a spiked wolf. Reclaims Ember Sword (belonging to the smithy of New Graaten’s own “Horseshoes & Explosive Iron Casings” uses it to kill all of the kobolds.

He Meets Kire and Morag Ironarm (an adopted orc boy). They ask him to reclaim an heirloom from their ancestor’s ancient tomb.

Jericho kills squatting bandits and discovers the Ironarm ancestor is Durahn the Orcslayer whose tomb is guarded by a massive Fire Entity. Jericho kills the Fire Entity and picks up its crystal heart of fire.

Jericho never returns the heirloom and instead heads southwest towards the Kinglands.

408 AD - 14th of Winterwane - FiredayEdit

Harvest of Blackroot ACOFAE

On Jericho’s travels he comes across a dragonborn scholar being ambushed by a group of runners and thugs. He dispatches them saving the scholar. A mage by the name of Ryzarux the Obsidian Scaled.

They travel and eventually come across Zed Kakuto.

They become tired and begin running out of supplies. To make things worse they have just been attacked by a pack of starved wolves. In desperation they head to the nearest settlement, Blackroot, in search of supplies and from the rumors they have heard to seek out the legendary blacksmith Doria Veledaar.

They arrive in Blackroot and are almost immediately greeted by a lean and muscular Orc who introduces himself as Toraash ‘Dorrm—the reeve of Blackroot and tells them “I don’t know what brings you here, but we’ve no inn, no tavern, and no time for strangers, I suggest you move on.” The trio ask Toraash about Doria Veledaar and are told that she has moved herself and her family to Ducktalon. Toraash leads the three to the abandoned Veledaar cottage to prove the point then departs citing that he has no time for idle talk with strangers. The three adventurers stepped into the house and discovered many signs that indicated that Doria did not leave Blackroot by choice. There are signs that a struggle had taken place—broken furniture, drops of blood, the broken tip of a blade made from volcanic glass, and a necklace with an oddly carved talisman. Not only that, but by looking at the village it seems that the Veledaars aren’t the only ones who have been forcefully vacated from their homes.

Their search for the cause of everyone disappearing results in discovering a cave opening guarded by two Orc Wardens, they don the necklaces and are let through into a cavernsystem marked with strange fleshy skin.

Throughout the cavern they discover a hidden sect of cultists worshipping the daelkyr known as Belashyrra. They fight and kill several strange aberrant creatures such as dolgaunts, and dolgrims, a room whose fleshy floor is set with many snapping jaws and battling several cultists in a room watched by a large Baleful Eye. Throughout the cavern many large crimson Sklug crystals grow as natural Aether in the rock drips onto the fleshy walls.

When the adventurers finally reach the end of the cavern they find themselves in a large cathedral sized chamber carved out of the rock by the cultists own hands. Toraash stands atop a raised dais wearing a bloody red coat with hundreds of dark black eyes set into its crafted flesh. He holds a large volcanic glass dagger to Doria Veledaars abdomen and then speaks “I have known you were coming Outlanders! This futile battle is over. Lay down your arms if you wish your friend to live. Xoriat is close, the Harvest is upon us. Come. Let us show you the blessings of Belashyrra, and teach you to see with new eyes.” After a drawn out battle during which a massive portal to the Xoriat grows larger and larger as the chanting of the brainwashed cultists rises to a crescendo and Ryzarux slips on his own ice and in the process loses consciousness. Eventually Toraash is killed by Jericho. Toraash screams “His eye! His eye will be upon you” As he collapses, the Coat of Eyes releases from his corpse and crawls a few feet away of its own accord. The Adventurers can see where it was bound to Toraash’s bare flesh, the orc’s skin shredded as the symbiont’s tendrils pulled free. Without Toraash’s psychic energy to oppress the cultists they all slowly come to—including Doria. Jericho dons the Coat of Eyes before reviving Ryzarux. The adventurers find a black glass case with strange objects inside they each take one for themselves with Zed taking a Tongueworm, Ryzarux taking a Tangler, and Jericho donning a Coercive Gauntlet.

With Toraash defeated and the survivors freed, the threat to Blackroot is ended. The portal between Exsterno and the Xoriat is sealed and any attempt to undo this will be futile for decades. In gratitude, Doria designs and crafts a specialized rifle barrel at Jericho's request.

408 AD - The 18th of Winterwane - TowerdayEdit

Rumors of a group of adventurers stopping a mass ritual being performed deep beneath the settlement of Blackroot have reached the ears of the average passerby. details are scarce but it is believed that 3 heroes investigating the dissapearance of their friend were led to a sinister soul prison being guarded by various abberant creatures and the village reeve--an orc by the name of Toraash 'Doorm--who was the leader of the local sect of the Cult of the Dragon Below in the Shadow Marches.

408 AD - The 24th of Winterwane - Thunderday Edit

Shadow Marches COTBOH

Jericho, Zed, Ryzarux clear out a long forgotten manor crypt built by Garevus and the “Brothers of Hellflame”

408 AD - The 26th of Greysky - Swordsday Edit

Valkane KS

Jericho,Ryzarux, Lilith, Cody, Narfen, Skye and Dalvannan Having reached Valkane, and after Jericho spiked the water barrels in the city shelter, they learn of strange rumors about odd happen’ns near Shadowkeep and that a goblin warchief named Ironttooth has been hasseling Valkane. A local elven mercenary named Ninaren the Manhunter offers to join them and help them defeat Irontooth. On their way to the area thought to be harboring Irontooth’s hideout they are ambushed by a group of Kobold Warriors. During the Battle, three major events take place; a confusing game of arrow and firepot occurs that results in one Kobold being barbecued, another is that Ninaran the Manhunter is slain by in a battle with Kobolds who knew who he was, and as one Kobold tried to run away Ryzarux “tangled” him, and Jericho killed him when he had nothing to offer. As Lilith looted the body she found a drawing written with colored wax that said “Good luck Daddy, I’ll miss you with all my heart”, Lilith is greatly distressed by this.

408 AD - The 26th of Greysky - SwordsdayEdit

Valkane IH

The team Leeroy Jenkins into Irontooth’s hideout and Firepots are lobbed like grenades, Irontooth is killed and Jericho makes a show of taking his large Iron Spike of a tooth. They head up to the top of the mountain and stealthily see a group of Dragonborn and a spectre-form of a man overseeing as a Dragon Burial Site is searched thoroughly for artifacts for some kind of powerful magical ritual. Stealth eventually falls away and a short battle breaks out. The Dragonborn are tough but eventually fall, however the Spectre form of who reveals himself as Kalarel attacks them with very powerful spells that make dark tendrils injure Lilith. Then in an attempt at ending the conflict Dalvannan offers to join Kalarel. Kalarel refuses and the group dispel and weaken the spectre’s abilities until he dissolves away. However they find a mirror artifact. This mirror can be used as part of a ritual to open a portal to the Shadowfell.

408 AD - The 27th of Greysky - Saintsday Edit

Valkane SS

The group make their way to Shadowkeep vowing to end Kalarel’s plans to open the Shadowfell, and they mean business. They blast and claw through the kobold guards and Ryzarux even encases one of the Goblin’s heads in a chunk of ice before they come across Balgron the Fat, the goblin leader of a band of goblins that resided in the Shadowkeep. He had only loose ties to the evil events that were transpiring below his realm. When some adventurers came cutting through, catching him eating some stale Irontooth brand pastries, he was quickly overcome and pinned to the wall by Lilith and remained uncooperative to which Jericho Midnight ended his life by stabbing an ice spike down his throat thus allowing Balgron to 'die as he lived' "Stuffing his face".

408 AD - The 28th of Greysky - Moonday Edit

Valkane DTS

As the group scours the crypt they come across a living skeleton by the name of Sir Keegan, a knight of Bahamut. Sir Keegan is essentially a skeleton in plate armor, though his movements are surer than most skeletons, and he seems unusually expressive for a collection of bones. Sir Keegan is currently a suffering soul residing forever in his crypt in the Shadowfell Keep. Over two hundred years ago, as Commander of Shadowkeep, he fell under the foul influence of the rift deep in the earth, and slaughtered his family and many of the men under his command. Eventually he was driven into a crypt and sealed there by the remnants of his force, who then abandoned the Keep as cursed. Sir Keegan has been there ever since, tormented by the knowledge of his heinous crimes.

To aid adventurers in their quest against Kalarel he gifted the Jericho Midnight with his magical longsword Aecris, in the hopes that at least the blade might be redeemed if he could not be.

Finally the time has come and the adventurers enter the ritual chamber at the tail end of the ritual. Lilith and Ryzarux create a stone and ice fortress (Cobblefrost Tower) in the center of the chamber and use its fortifications to get the upper hand in the battle against all of the varied ghosts, spirits, and skeletons Kalarel had called forth from the ether. Time and time again the enemies fall to the wayside, leaving only Kalarel left standing. Kalarel finished the ritual and the portal to the Shadowfell was opened. Skye Stormguard’s abilities with a bow were failing him and the other team members were busy trying to close the portal. Finally after a cursory insult Skye nocked and fired an arrow that caught Kalarel between the eyes—the Ritual was ended. After the rift closed, Sir Keegan’s skeletal remains finally came to permanent rest before the Keep's chambers and his own crypt collapsed, burying him for good. Luckily the heroes were already headed back to Valkane.

"We had discovered a lone Hobgoblin guard in an extravagant antechamber. Lilith threw this guy into the opposite wall and Ryzarux sent an ice spike through his stomach. With his last breath the hobgoblin said that he would never give up his secret. Then Jericho used a healing surge on this dying hobgoblin bringing him back from near death and pressed the ice spike in his stomach deeper saying "what secret" the hobgoblin looked at the far wall and died. We all noticed this wall was shimmering and so knew it was illusory. We stepped through and found Balgron the Fat swallowing a fistful of sweetrolls. We took advantage of the situation and Lilith pressed this squirmy fat squatty goblin up a wall and began grilling him for information about Kalarel. Balgron was giving up nothing and only sneered at the group telling them that they might as well kill him now "let me die how I lived". Jericho then ripped the ice spike out of the dead hobgoblin and stabbed it down Balgrons throat while he said "stuffing your face?" It was cold as this fat goblin choked on a bloody ice spike." - Narfen Dudbottom recounting

408 AD - The 13th of Palesun - Towerday Edit

Splinterfang - ACI

An Arcane Council Meeting is called and Lilith is called back as an advisor—the others invite themselves along. Persei and Xavier the Dashing have begun dating, Lance Manning, Arcane of the Froststar is the leader of the Arcane Council and has created a new antechamber in what was once the Chamber of Petrichor with Hithrum Greyprowl’s help. Skye meets Canos, Jericho gets the Firestar Amulet from Canos, Dareth and a legion of undead attack Splinterfang, Henrietta Funk is killed, Jericho finds a strange Yellow stone with a triangular rune carved into it, Eli Narok fights alongside the other heroes and eventually put down the small uprising, Dareth flees into the night.

408 AD - The 30th of Palesun - Fireday Edit

Goblintooth EYAS

Orry Vantum has been rebuilding Goblintooth, and is also restoring an ancient tower not far away. However the dwarven stone masons are attacked and enslaved only one was able to get away. The heroes are tasked with uprooting the new arrivals and saving the slaves. When the heroes arrive at Storm Tower though they are horrified when Dalvannan is vaporized by a bright green flame. The heroes go deeper inside and find a slave named Elevin and free her from her bonds. With little convincing and after arming herself she decides to join the heroes and fight to free others.

408 AD - The 9th of Highsun - Moonday Edit

Valkane Grudge Match

The heroes returned to Valkane to find it in shambles, dead goblins strewn around its walls and mounds of dead within the walls. While the heroes were off fighting Kalarel a group of goblins had attacked Valkane and though the attack was put down after a day of battle, those who had taken shelter and drunk the poisoned water had died. And now these dead were to be taken to the cemetery…unfortunately it was overrun with evil spirits. The Heroes went out to the burial grounds to discover it littered with zombies and ghouls. The ghost of Ninaran the Man Hunter revealed that he had never been their ally and had actually been tasked to lead the heroes to Irontooth so that they could be killed but had died en route. The heroes cleansed the area and put the living dead to death. Ninaran proved challenging but in the end found permanent death at the combined magical efforts of everyone.

421 AD - The 24th of Deepsnow - WinedayEdit

[an excerpt from Hithrum Greyprowl's diary] It troubles me to report that word has reached the land of Exsterno by way of the distant land of Redania that Godfred the Grey-Haired (formerly Godfrey the Hairy) has died at the age of 56. He had just protected the city of Hinterstoder from an invasion of orcs with help from both his own aging valor and the blades of his kinsman when, on retreat back to Kurgan's Hold, he was slain by a zombie in the night who according to his last words "hit harder than [he] thought it would". Rest in Peace Godfred the Hairy 365 A.D. - 421 A.D.

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421 AD - The 6th of Winterwane - SwordsdayEdit

[an excerpt from Hithrum Greyprowl's diary] Today marks my 6th day since arriving in Redania. So far all I can say is that is was not worth the journey. The people here are brutish and mean spirited. I have found myself wandering the city. I am here to mourn the loss of Godfred pay my respects and catch the fastest caravel back to Exsterno. This is a lonely land and I do not think I can stand to hear one more word fall from the untamed tongues of those who make it everyone’s business to shout and argue at the local pub. Hope things get better soon and the weather clears up soon. Such a drafty and soggy land.